Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mercury Direct Thank Goodness

As an earlier post this month did not edit properly and I just deleted it as my poor blog must have look a bit ill. LOL

Ok now back to my most recent designs at

I decided to triple my efforts with a new Lapis Lazuli Tree of Life Statement Necklace.

I also had the sewing machine humming along this past month and whipped up a few new Tote Bags. Customers tell me they are perfect for all those craft markets. 

I discovered a new bead supplier and have been painting and designing new bling for your lobes. 


Please be sure to stop in and check out 


Janice is a friendly , fast shipper and very helpful and supportive to buyers. Thanks Janice !!! 


This one is made using artistic wire , seed beads, Czech Leaves and Flowers. Very light weight and flexible. 

I hope you all have had a productive September and made good use of All the energy from the Eclipses ( Solar and Lunar ) and also recently the Autumn Equinox.

We are now in Libra and hoping this will bring more beauty and love to your life.

It is my favorite time of year as the Leaves are already changing here in upstate NY. The air has a chill in it .... and I wouldn't have it any other way.

No south for me just seasonal changes. 

Much love


  1. Love your style Diana, and I also am a big fan of Janice's bead shop! <3

    1. Love our Janice so much so ....
      Thanks for stopping in Deanna as I adore your style and your shop also.

  2. Love your work Dianna! I have shopped in Janice's bead shop too! She is awesome! So are you! This last moon was a real trip..... Very intense in my humble opinion. The fall weather is so amazing after a very hot summer. Really enjoying the Fall so much!

  3. Thank you Debbie as I love your leather work also !!
    I adore Autumn and I also agree with you that this past month has had it's trials as far as the sky weather is concerned. Ugh but we are strong and carry on. Now move forward everyone lol :D