Sunday, May 21, 2017

It's a fashionable event !!

Please enjoy my Pre Summer Sale @

All prices are already marked down for your shopping convenience.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Many, many moons ago I posted here as I must be the worst blogger ever

Days have turned into weeks then months as we busily go along in this ever changing life we lead.

So many new and adorable designs have been created within this time. I have become quite smitten with Folded Metal Designing.

Wonderful New Pendants

Worked with dozens of amazing Gemstones

Introduced fabulous new Swarovski Crystal sets

and let my imagination run wild

 Art frees my mind and spirit.. my soul

as the days turn to weeks and the weeks become Months .. busily I go along  creating a long side a changing world

Wishing you all Peace, Serenity and love


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Happy Holiday Shopping Season

Here at Sales are alive and well as the Cyber Sales Deals have continued !!
Come join the many that are taking advantage of these discounts.

Also Luna Essence is hosting a Give Away which takes place ONLY here on Facebook. Please join in and get a Free Gift!!

An exciting Season it is as has joined an Awesome Auction Group on Facebook and there is much to shop for at Fantastic Prices for this Gift Giving Season.

Please join in here:

Be sure to look for Quickie Sales Auctions and our Weekend Auction Events.

Have a beautiful Holiday Season with all your loves. Bless you all as I pray for love and light to fill your souls.

Blessed be Diana

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mercury Direct Thank Goodness

As an earlier post this month did not edit properly and I just deleted it as my poor blog must have look a bit ill. LOL

Ok now back to my most recent designs at

I decided to triple my efforts with a new Lapis Lazuli Tree of Life Statement Necklace.

I also had the sewing machine humming along this past month and whipped up a few new Tote Bags. Customers tell me they are perfect for all those craft markets. 

I discovered a new bead supplier and have been painting and designing new bling for your lobes. 


Please be sure to stop in and check out 


Janice is a friendly , fast shipper and very helpful and supportive to buyers. Thanks Janice !!! 


This one is made using artistic wire , seed beads, Czech Leaves and Flowers. Very light weight and flexible. 

I hope you all have had a productive September and made good use of All the energy from the Eclipses ( Solar and Lunar ) and also recently the Autumn Equinox.

We are now in Libra and hoping this will bring more beauty and love to your life.

It is my favorite time of year as the Leaves are already changing here in upstate NY. The air has a chill in it .... and I wouldn't have it any other way.

No south for me just seasonal changes. 

Much love

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Ah it is August !!!! Steamy AUGUST and the last of the Dog Days of Summer !!

What an old saying that is and boy oh ! BOY it has been a long while since published a post here. So sorry but I do see that many of you have been stopping in and viewing my delightfully unique designs as many are just that UNIque !! It should have been my middle name HA! Diana Unique LaRocca hmm I like it LOL !!

Never have I wanted or desired to be like anyone else but myself ! A true non conformist of sorts but with a firm back ground in the traditional if you catch my drift....

So please allow my to introduce to you beautiful people Many of my newest Designs

Pictures Please

Links are attached of course

Chakra Goddess Necklace

Ruby Red Beaded Necklace Set (stunning)

Blood Stone Statement Pendant Necklace 

Parrot Pendant (quite spectacular if you I say so myself as it has dried flowers in the design) 

Pink Rhodonite Pendant Beaded Necklace 

I have discovered Paint Oh boy I am loving my Hand Painted work . 
You will find them on Metals and on Recycled Leather . 

Here is a pic with two sets that I just completed this week .

Mother of Pearl Pendant Beaded Necklace 

Man in the Moon Textile Bracelet Cuff ( so far out ) 

and so much , much more at 

Till next time xo 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sun in Aries

Moving right along with loads of fiery energy to blaze the trail with. I have many new items that I been adding all week long to my Etsy shop.

I just adore these unique Wood Jasper Gemstones all Wrapped up in Red Clay Seed Beads.

As I adore ALL things beautiful, I created this Art Nouveau Styled Brooch using a Mini Rose focal that I dried , then sealed for lasting wear. now is stocking multiplies of Essence of Luna Pendants and Queen Nefertiti Pendants

New also is a mix of Costume Jewelry for those collectors of old ...

Digging my love for Cuffs all Hand Painted in amazing colors.

That's all for now ..
Have a Blessed Week !

Thursday, March 24, 2016

OH boy as March runs by so does my creativity !! 

What a burst I been having with so many designs I can barely keep up to myself lol !! :D 

Please allow me to give you a Jewelry Fashion Show of sorts....

Well that was just a few for now but you can see the creativity has been rushing out in full throttle. 

Happy Spring everyone ! 

Blessed be Diana