Saturday, August 6, 2016

Ah it is August !!!! Steamy AUGUST and the last of the Dog Days of Summer !!

What an old saying that is and boy oh ! BOY it has been a long while since published a post here. So sorry but I do see that many of you have been stopping in and viewing my delightfully unique designs as many are just that UNIque !! It should have been my middle name HA! Diana Unique LaRocca hmm I like it LOL !!

Never have I wanted or desired to be like anyone else but myself ! A true non conformist of sorts but with a firm back ground in the traditional if you catch my drift....

So please allow my to introduce to you beautiful people Many of my newest Designs

Pictures Please

Links are attached of course

Chakra Goddess Necklace

Ruby Red Beaded Necklace Set (stunning)

Blood Stone Statement Pendant Necklace 

Parrot Pendant (quite spectacular if you I say so myself as it has dried flowers in the design) 

Pink Rhodonite Pendant Beaded Necklace 

I have discovered Paint Oh boy I am loving my Hand Painted work . 
You will find them on Metals and on Recycled Leather . 

Here is a pic with two sets that I just completed this week .

Mother of Pearl Pendant Beaded Necklace 

Man in the Moon Textile Bracelet Cuff ( so far out ) 

and so much , much more at 

Till next time xo 

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