Tuesday, October 27, 2020

 I almost completely forgotten about this blog.... 

Life to say the least is hectic filled with passages of joy, stress, and just general business. 

This past year the now famous 2020 has changed the world in many ways ...

No longer can we just walk around freely unless we have a mask on , must stay at least 6 ft. apart ugh , ugh , ugh . 

Many handmade makers have been very busy making masks. Smart move for them as that is about the only business besides the food industry that is still in high demand. 

I Diana of LunaEssence.etsy.com am a essential worker lol laughing so as who would have ever thought a cashier would be so important.

 Not I , but it is with great joy I tend to the needs of those that shop daily, complain daily, harass daily, yell daily, steal daily. Yup for real !!! I am forever grateful to those that support us and our part we do for our community. 

So in the meantime I am still being creative which has been very challenging times. 


Sales were fine until June then the bottom started to fall away from the handmade world. This is understandable as so many are unemployed, ill or dying from this terrible sickness they call Covid 19. 

Please stay safe and take special care of yourself as you are just that special ! 

Luna Essence turned 12 this year and I made my goal of 700 sales by some miracle!! Ya!

Thank you 

At this time LunaEssence.etsy.com is offering the use of a Coupon Code 12THYEAR for 30% off. 

Free USA Shipping applies to all purchases over $35. 


There has been a new style that I created over the summer you might just like to check out if you love bangles. 

So much fun and magical to drum with. 


I leave you with one more 


They are delightful ! 

So stop on in , view all my new designs , heart away it's free to do so and hopefully we will do business once again in better times ... 

In gratitude

Stay SAFE! 




Saturday, March 30, 2019

Hello stranger .... Many News Items and Promotions to share with you ! 

Here is an oldie but popular design 


This are a custom order for a gentleman looking for love
I hope she loves them Scarlet Begonias and Bells... for the Dead Head in all of us. 

Also back in stock are these boho chic Citrine wrap earrings https://www.etsy.com/listing/635815429/citrine-wrap-earrings?ref=shop_home_active_55&pro=1

My reclaimed design makes this a unique Brooch for that shawl you wearing.

Love Yellow Roses ? I do feeling a spring bloom coming one !! 

And of course my never ending love of the Earth

A tad bit Bohemian Tribal in the beloved Turquoise Howlite.

Triple A Brazilian Chalcedony with a ethic Chinese Lantern Pendant. 

A bit of Bali Sun with Malachite in these Earrings 

At long last I finalized the creation of Aether 5th Earth Element continuing the Series. This one shows the energy being summoned for Healing #Akaskic  #Shaman Healers #Energy #space #crystalhealing. 

As you can see I am very versatile in my craft. I love to design and have no boundaries which can be good or bad. I love it all and am addicted to this art form. Assemblaged , Mixed Media, Jewelry designing, All of it .... and I sew lol. 

At this time in my Etsy shop LunaEssence.etsy.com you will get 20% off when you spend $30 & up. Free shipping for the USA will also apply. 

Thank you and Happy Spring 2019 Be blessed xo xo Diana 

Monday, September 3, 2018


Here I am once again playing catch up on my beautiful blog........
Well after a long sprinter (winter that went into spring ) and then a fabulous spring and delightful summer that turned into a steamy, hot summer.... many things have kept me away from writing here.

First off I have raised 3 sons and one daughter. My sons are all in their 30's and two have families of their own. The 3rd is a handsome bachelor living here and there and here once again lol.

My youngest is my daughter as she came to this planet later in my life when I least expected her to appear.
She is amazing and yes she made the leap by graduating High School and entering her University.

I adore her laughter!!

So it was crazy busy this past year with so much to do. I had lists of things to prepare for daily that had nothing at all to do with my LunaEssence.etsy.com shop.

I did manage to make plenty of new items as I took creative breaks from time to time to relieve the financial stress of daily living, college expenses, graduation parties and so on.

So here I sit missing my daughter who is far away at college and wondering if this is what empty nest is....


Trying to focus on all the etsy changes this past year has also been an adventure. Including weighting the pros and cons of how expensive it is to sell on my Amazon shop. I decided to put my Amazon shop at a bare minimum as I plunged ahead into etsy.
It was a good decision for myself as my sales generate more thru etsy as they should after 10 years selling there.


Please take a look at all that I created along the journey. I would to sell enough so I can afford to travel to see my girl soon.




Maybe once this heat breaks in NYS it will feel more seasonal and we can Enjoy our Autumn. 

Thanks for stopping in leave a comment so I know you been here. 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Hello 2018, Good bye January..., Let's begin again with February Super Bowl Sunday 2/4/18

Thank you to all my wonderful customers for a success selling season @LunaEssence.etsy.com. I started the season with two fabulous Give Away Contests and loads of New designs. https://www.etsy.com/shop/lunaessence

Many sold like hot cakes which makes me smile.
It was a great season and I am humbly grateful.

This year so far Super thin Golden Hoops are super popular. Many love them, even though they are very flexible they make for a chic design.

New designs so far ... are

I am amazed that I can still hold down my day job LOL

Please enjoy this view and come stop on by my LunaEssence.etsy.com as there is a LOVEFESTSALE going on.
30% off all purchases of $50.00 and up.