Sunday, June 7, 2015

Happy Sunday !!

Oh yeah it is a Sunday and a beautiful one at that . Ya for June is here at long last and the school year is winding down for us here in the northeast .

Weekends is when I do most of my creative work for my shop .

Here are a few of my newest items .

along with a few new pairs of Earrings which I am having a hard time not keeping for myself lol !

Do you see why ? Pretty !! So, so pretty !

Well I am hoping to get some more time to work on my newest Earth Element Pendant ( which is the Goddess Crone ) as she is as complex as the time I am having creating her. With time she should appear . lol

Busy , busy week ahead working more hours as I am covering for my boss. Drumming coming up on the weeks end as well as an evening of Tarot readings . Should be loads of fun .

Keep it light and with much love and hurry Mercury go direct cause I need my car and refrigerator fixed asap.

Bless you all
Trust in Abundance 

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