Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Never ending May !
Spring has sprung and the work has begun .

What a rush this month has been with so many busy fun filled days .
Loads of celebrations , events and summer time readiness . Gardens are in process and finally being renewed as I have neglected them in the past few years. Veggies are planted and awaiting mother natures blessings.

Please enjoy these newly designed pieces .
Many have metals that I rework into Jewelry .
I am always on the look out for an interesting scrape or two. 




As I do spring clean up.

I hope you will browse around my LunaEssence.etsy.com Shop as there has been many changes on Etsy and Facebook that are truly slowing down sales for just too many sellers.
I believe in Handmade not just because I love to make things , but because these old skills are no longer taught in our public school systems due to budgets and by doing so we are reusing many of the items that fill the landfills.

Cooking , sewing , metalwork , welding , wood shop is now not as important to the world , but I and you know it is and that we must continue to set the example and teach it to the younger ones or they will not be able to do for themselves such as you and me and my grandparents .

You may say that I am a dreamer :D but ....... I'm not the only one.

Peace to all and praying for a balanced weather pattern for all !

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