Saturday, October 18, 2014

I am grateful to be alive ! 
So grateful my son is alive !! 
Many years ago I was in a critical state of being and I was saved by many procedures . My son is alive today as I was very ill while pregnant with him . 
Thanks to modern medicine that saved us both. 
Thanks to all my family , friends and neighbors that came to our aid . 
I am grateful ! 

Happy Birthday Joey ! 


In this blessed state of mind I created a very unique piece that I am calling 

Outer Limits triple Rainbow Pendant
 This one is a trip to outer limits ! Woo ho 3 awesome Rainbow Jasper stones from House of Gems Wire Wrapped onto Oxidized Copper hand formed frame . Pyrite and Gunmetal beads are wired into the design for a spacey feel . Energy , Energy , puff blast off !! 

I oxidized the copper with love and care . Carefully gauging the oxidization to match the stones themselves. Then buff the frame to a high polish . 

Pendant measures 3 3/4" x 2 3/4" 
Chain total length is 20 " 
Hangs beautifully . 
$39.99 & 3.50 shipping to the USA 
International shipping available 

I used Pyrite , known as Fool's Gold . Pyrite can help the wearer bring to them the energy of the earth which brings protection to the wearer into their aura protecting against the negative . Gives a spirit of boldness . Stimulants 2nd and 3rd Chakras . 

Jaspers are protection and healing energies . 

Together they are wow ! 

I love the design and I hope you do also as I love to create things that are different and not seen anywhere else as we are all different and one of a kind in ourselves . 

Blessed Be and Have a great Weekend 

Luna Essence