Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 23, 2014 Happy Solar Eclipse in Scorpio !
Today the sun and the moon are in Scorpio forming a Solar Eclipse later on this afternoon for the EST part of North America.

Yes I am excited by such an event as I was born shortly after a Lunar Eclipse about 56 yrs ago . lol So now you know how old I am lol .

Next week is my Birthday and this Solar Eclipse is creating an energy that is just so exciting .

Today I created a Beaded Dangle Necklace using Green Aventurine that I purchased from the House of Gems attaching them to the chain that I also purchased from House of Gems . I added Aqua Terra Jasper (Variscite) beads as their coloring blended so well along side the gorgeous deep green of the Aventurine beads.

 Very pleased with the results of this 18" Dangle Necklace.

Aqua Terra Jasper energies help the wearer to find inner peace, charity , love and understanding .

Green Aventurine is called the "Stone of Opportunities" and thought to be a lucky stone . A stone of prosperity and friendship. 

Let's channel those good energies today as the Solar Eclipse moves thru our day.

Keep smiling and carry on all my friends .

Blessed Be
Luna Essence

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