Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

As I awaken this morning to the beauty of Autumn Leaves and sunshine I feel an invigorated sense of newness . This lead to a peaceful meditation and now I am ready to show you a Stunning piece I created while using a Natural Silver Leaf Jasper Coin bead purchase at the House of Gems and turning it into a wired wrapped Floral Vine Pendant .

Silver Leaf has a wonderful energy of protection , healing and is encouraging to the wearer to have confidence in their truths . It can promote sensitivity in relationships as it nurtures and assists in communication efforts .

Pendant dangles from a Brass chain also from House of Gems where I have found awesome materials to work with.

Pendant length is 2"
Chain length is 20"
Cost $32.00 & 3.50 shipping fees in the USA.
A pay pal invoice can be sent to your email address if interested .

Have a peaceful journey



  1. Can't believe that necklace is homemade. It looks like a professional made it. Do you have any other pieces you have made, I am very interested in homemade jewelry like this.

  2. Hi Dave ,

    Yes this is handmade by me Luna Essence . This one sold quickly but I have more of them in my etsy shop . You can find it @ under pendants .
    Please let me know if you need more help .