Wednesday, January 22, 2014

 January 22, 2014

Updates from Luna Essence 

So I see I haven't posted since December and I can only hope you haven't given up on seeing me here. 

Much has happened to me as far as my health and job is concerned in the past months . Which brings me to why I haven't been here so much . 

A little bit of background 

I formed a face book group called LunaEssence's Arts and Crafts World Expo 
a few years back. It is suddenly booming with many talented new members , at the same time I was getting the bad medical reports from my MD after a physical exam and not so good blood tests.  
So I tend not to allow these things to concern me since I have EBV (epstein barr virus) and no ones really seems to be too concerned with the thousands of us that are so ill .... so I just go on. 
I was lucky enough to get a new position as an Art Instructor for afterschool program . I need a physical and it all went down hill from there. 

Now after a few scary months of a possible Leukemia Cancer and now I am told of  a Lesion on my enlarged liver  , high enough white blood cell counts (which have been for well over a few years now) I find out I also have Lupus , Rheumatoid Arthritis . Ok I will not be concerned since I will not even see a specialist in this field till what ? May ugh (insurance companies suck! )  Then of course there is the liver ugh another delay in seeing a specialist but that's ok cause I am now seeing a doc that thinks like I do and I have started and alternative health plan . I'll let you know how it goes as time goes on . 

So back the Lacwe group on facebook . I was so ill working with the kids that I was lucky enough to have a wonderful lady Kathi Demaret from Lilly Beads Designs on Etsy step forward and assist our group which is a very busy sharing group.
Kathi is new to etsy . Her shop is named after her granddaughter . Her shop is filled with delightful beaded pleasures.
I am so grateful to her for all her help on our group. 

Also  has become a new leader on my Etsy team Lacwe .  Once again I am so happy to have this help . Corkycrafts has fabulous Wreaths , seeds for plantings and more . You must check these shops out .

In the meantime I have left my job that I was happy to get but was so sick with every little virus that the kids were spreading to me which in turn was depleting the little bit of energy that I had left to begin with. 
Crazy I know but I made the tough decision that I must listen to my body and get well . 
So Luna Essence is my Full time job which I love so very much . Not just the designing but the people I work with every single minute of the day.... 

I am grateful , I am so blessed 
Thank you 

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  1. Hi Diana. I am so sorry to hear about your heath but am happy to hear you found an alternative dr. to work with. I am also very happy that Kathi and Corky are helping you . You are a really beautiful person and I am thankful to have you as a friend.
    Many blessings to you going forward.......
    Love and Light