Thursday, July 11, 2013

 Luna Essence Handmade Artistic Jewelry and Handbags .

15 Suggestions for small business owners .

So there has been a bit of a buzz that things are slow this month and it just very well might be considering it is summer vacation time in the States at least .
My suggestion to you sellers would be to
1. update listings ,
2.redo pics,
3.clear out older listings that you may decide to mark down .
4. Join in the Christmas in July celebration .
5. Make your new Fall items and prepare as best you can for the Holiday buying season of 2013.
6.  Improve your SEO .
7.Paperwork ,
8.order supplies ,
9.reevaluate your goals and projections .
10. Organize your work space ,
11. catch up on paperwork .
12.Set an new schedule  .
13.Look at what works for you and your shop and what doesn't.
14. What is your best selling item or items ?
15. Look at all your selling venues and do more of the same

Take advantage of this down time .

  ** One suggestion would be to relax , refresh yourself and open yourself up to new creative adventures .  ****

It will not last long unless you are selling hot items at this time this is one great way to refresh yourself and your shop.