Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013 

Hello Bloggers , 

Luna Essence newest additions as of late are : 

Purple Amethyst duo double Bangle Bracelets


Bracelet Bangles Beaded Blue Green Tranquil Water duo set


Bracelet Amethyst Dragonfly Gold Wire Wrapped

In addition to bracelets I also have a new wire wrapped Necklace in Copper and Mint design . Matching earrings are also available .


Bohemian Jewelry ,Mint Green Earrings , Hippie Jewelry , Rustic Jewelry Wire Wrapped Jewelry

I cannot leave out these awesome Amethyst Earrings 


Amethyst Purple Earrings , Chic Earrings , Casual Earrings , Fun Enameled Earrings

I been treasure hunting and found many great Antique Vintage pieces .

Zebra Choker Vintage Black and White Tribal

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