Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Evening everyone  !

Luna Essence is now offering Pay Pal Pay Me Later program for your purchases.

With the Holidays quickly approaching I hope this will help you with your shopping needs.

Earth Elements are billed thru Pay Pal with an invoice sent to your email address . Also custom orders are handled the same way .

                      Wind Spirit $225.00
Wind Spirit !!
One of a kind artistic original pendant
by Luna Essence

Gemstones : Botswana , Labradorite, Moss Agates, Golden Stone, Feldspar.

                         Harvest Full Moon  $189.00

A magical evening , filled with violet lights shine over the
stream that flows over the Amethyst bedrock .
All Pendants come on a double strand Leather Necklace .
This is a One of a kind artistic original pendant

by Luna Essence
                      FIRE Pendant $199.00
FIRE ! Pendant #2
by Luna Essence .
Gemstones: Botswana, Onyx, Labradorite, Agates.

                     Volcanic Goddess Pendant $225.00
She is awesome !
Represents all four elements Earth, Air, Water, Fire .
Created use Blue Tiger Stone , Pyrite, Labradorite, Agates, seed beads.

Message for more information
@ luna.essence28@gmail.com
Autumn Goddess Demeter $260.00

               She is amazing !! Moonstone , Jaspers , Golden Stone , Labradorite and many Agate Stones.

These Pendants are my pride and joy . All are hand formed and created solely by me Luna Essence.
Each has its own personally and energy that I was honored to produce and manifested into these stunning beauties .


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