Friday, July 13, 2012

The Volcanic Goddess Pendant by Luna Essence 

Finally she is ready for me to show you. My Earth Elements Series continues with "The Volcanic Goddess Pendant " . She features all 4 Elements: Earth , Air , Water and Fire. Tomorrow I will add a clasp and and double leather necklace to complete her.
Gemstones in this Pendant : Blue Tiger Eye , Labradorite , Pyrite, Fossil Jasper, Feldspar

One of a kind artistic original pendant 
by Luna Essence .

 Check back to see More of my Earth Elements .

Please Note : This Series is not available in my Luna Essence shop on Etsy . Need more information just send me a message . Enjoy !
 Look here to Earth Mother Series :


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    1. Thanks Deb :D I am at long last happy with the results . It was a journey ... one that ended beautifully .