Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Luna Essence's Earth Elements FIRE ! Pendant # 2 

Hello !

This morning I completed the second FIRE Pendant in my new Earth Element Series .  

She is a true beauty consisting of Botswana , Black Onyx , Labradorite , Moss 
Agates artistically woven into a flame of Fire. Mounted onto a Hand Shaped Copper Frame and Hook with a double strand Brown Leather Necklace . 

She radiates power , warmth and love . Great energies here. 


FIRE Pendant is only offer for sale by directly contacting me thru my Face book account . If you prefer to comtact me thru this blog just make the comment stating is so and I will contact you.

This series will only be for private sale and is not an Etsy item .
In my Luna Essence Etsy shop there is the Earth Mother Series offered there . You can see this line by clicking the link :