Thursday, May 17, 2012

What a beautiful morning it is . The sun is shinning here in NYS which has a occurred after a very hot and humid day yesterday that had a sky filled with threatening clouds and reports of violent storms .
I am grateful that we were not part of any severe weather.
Thinking here you may love to see a few of my garden pictures . I have been gardening for more years than I can remember.

I find uses for these pics everywhere I go online . You may have seen these on my face book profile .
I also have a business page
This is where you will find my sharing posts of my talented group  Lunaessence's Arts and Crafts World Expo team & face book group) also know as Lacwe on twitter and etsy treasuries

Just a few days ago I created this treasury for the team :
I enjoy these friendship that we have made together . They are the best people I know . Their talents knows no boundaries which makes them the unique group that I enjoy and work with daily. Some of us can say we have worked together for years. lol  Crazy it may seem but some of my best buddies are online.

Well enjoy your day ! May it be filled with Sunshine and wonderful blessings .... :D