Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Monday !!

Today I am featuring a dear friend and fellow Etsy seller Hazel of My Gemstones Designs.
Haze as she likes to be called :D is an amazing designer !!

Her work flows with a cohesive ease. She has an great eye for quality gems which can be seen in her Jewelry Designs
Haze lives in a small town in  Wyoming . She has been designing for a few years. She brings to her shop unique plus sizes in Jewelry lengths .  Her greatest wish is to bring you quality at a reasonable price. 

She is sort after in small shops in her community where her designs are purchased and treasured for years to come. 

I am honored to know and work with Hazel daily . She is a lovely , cheerful lady with a sense of style that every woman will enjoy ! 


  1. Love it - Hazel's work is awesome I love the life that is in her pieces and she is a most charming lady too ;~D

  2. Yes, charming, friendly and very talented definitely describes Hazel!

  3. Thank you so much Diana what an honor to be featured on your blog. I appreciate all the wonderful compliments, you have made my day !!

    Thanks again,

  4. Thank you Monique and Elizabeth you are both very kind I truly appreciate all you compliments as well !!