Friday, April 27, 2012 my dear fellow bloggers .
It has certainly been awhile . I am not the most committed blogger. :(
Sad but true.

Life has been for all of us quite busy keeping up with the momentum of the daily working of being a Jewelry Artist .

Personally I have been developing a new line which I have called Earth Mother Series by Luna Essence.

I have been inspired by Mother Earth as I see her struggle daily and fight to keep her healthy for future generations and those awesome creatures of the world  that cannot fight for themselves .

This is not news to any of you and I am amazed at the out pouring of souls doing so much to make us all aware daily of the goodness of this earth.
Currently I have been struggling with a design that I have not quite completed yet as I wait ...and go slowly as the energies lead me to guide my hands to do the work that only can be determined as it is meant to be what it will be as it should be............

Blessings to you Diana


  1. Your work and your pictures are amazing.....Can you come over my way :-)

  2. Stunning Diana! Saw your post on LinkedIn Handmadeology … You should write about your work more often, Beautiful! Fabulous! Lovin the yellow flowers vine on smoky.


  3. Thank you Cari, Tracie and Hazel your encouragement means everything !! Diana

  4. Your beading is just beautiful!

    Smiles, Cyndi

  5. Oh how great it is that you stopped by !
    Thank you so very much ♥