Monday, June 20, 2011

Topaz Crystal Vintage Brass Earrings Fund Raiser for Baby Tara

 I have donated these earrings to a fund raiser that at this time is being held in the Etsy treasuries. Twenty three years ago I found myself also in critical condition and my 31 week termed baby boy in worse condition. These little ones are strong but must have the best of care. Their parents just like any other parent of an very ill child go thru the fire and God willing the child survives it. It is truly a test of faith and strength. There was not much support back then , but what medical science was able to do has saved many now. If you can please help this family out . Thank you Diana dba Lunaessence .

Topaz Crystal Vintage Aged Brass drop Earrings

Dark Topaz Angelic Crystal Rondells , swarovski dark topaz with filigree vintage aged brass decorate these sparkly rich 3/4" drop earrings .

November Birthstone Topaz