Thursday, April 28, 2011

Luna's Crazy Give Away !!

Win these Vintage Brass Emerald Green Earrings Plus a Lunaessence coupon will be sent to you along with your earrings for 10 % off your next purchase .

Vintage Brass Emerald Green Earrings
One lovely set of petite dangle earrings . Swarovski Emerald green Rhinestones are set in Vintage Aged Brass settings . Adorable size dangle is 3/8 "

 To enter please help me out by telling me what words you would use when shopping for Jewelry items , such as the products in my shop. Here is the link for you to see   .  
For those that are selling on the internet we know these words to be called SEO ( search engine optimization ) . We also use the word tagging . 
Now please don't go using the ones like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants. These are obvious and are easily lost in multiple upon multiple pages that you would need to search and most likely would lose interest quickly.  

So you now see my dilemma .... 
Best of luck to the person that has the best suggestion of words.

Let's see what you come up with !! 
Remember that you must post your answer here and I must be able to reach you if you are the winner. If not I will go to the second best answer. You may suggest as many words as you wish as long as they apply , can fit in the post and are posted before the end of the contest on May 31, 2011.

Good Luck !! 


  1. Hi Diana - This is a great way to see how others search for items! Especially in jewelry since ther are so many items in that category :)
    I would search for terms like: sophisticated, classy, antique, beaded, wire wrapped, casual, contemporary, dangly, Long necklace, trendy,gift, all occasion, unique, and the colors also blue beaded, etc.
    Hope this helps!

  2. love this , wonderful for a beginner on seo and tagging ! I will be checking often ! I'll give it a try after checking out your shop closer

  3. I will check back as well after I give it some thought! Excellent idea for a give a way

  4. Hello Diana.. well you see.. I don't think complicated.. I am a customer that likes to have a pair of green, vintage, earrings.. I don't even know yet if I like bass ones or copper or whatever, If you use the word emerald you have to weed through the real emerald stones, not just the name of the color, so I'd just say green..vintage..earrings,.. most people go over board with tagging , yes it is very important but.. think about when you are a buyer and you searching in google and or etsy search, what are you searching for, what words do you use..straight to the point

  5. I would use words like "vintage and incredible earings" or "unique bracelets specially for you!"


    btw, I love your earings.
    I'd looove to win them

    my email is: kasia433(at)

  6. Hi Luna!!

    earthy elegance,
    stylish, essentials
    semi-precious, wardrobe,
    simple statement,

    I am not great at tags, but the description I would write of your jewelry is that it is jewelry that functions as part of a wardrobe, in other words, I like your jewelry because it functions more than like a blazer that one likes to wear with different outfits, or shoes that are loved and go with different looks - your jewelry is like that -it goes with different outfits and looks, so that a pair of earrings or a necklace from your shop, takes on a new look with each different outfit....and carries from jeans and a t-shirt on into a bit more dressed up for dinner - same beautiful piece of jewelry, yet it transfers into a different look - and does not appear the same.
    It wears well ~ (not talking about durability)
    makes the wearer look great, and blends so well with different looks, that it appears one is wearing a new necklace or pair of earrings...but they aren't - that is classic and stylish and elegant; when folks think it is new, and it is a new look :)

  7. lol!! I am commenting again...because I keep looking at your shop ;)

    understated, elegance, refined, bohemian, refined, gypsy, mature, dangle, natural, inner, glow

  8. Random list: whimsical,refined,elegant, hypoallergenic,dangly,iridescent, lightweight, earthy, monochromatic, geometric, wired, authentic, trendy; nautical style,Persian style,etc. Will think of some more, for sure! ;)

  9. Gali dont forget to let me know how to find you , if you win . Thanks for entering :D

  10. This is gonna be so hard to choose a winner , because your answer are all so great . So let's keep the entries coming in . Just a week left to go .......... Diana

  11. I have picked a winner !! Thank you all so much for participating in this SEO contest. It was a difficult choice. So many great ideas, but one did stand out !! Congrats KippysSoMature on your inventive SEO tagging !!