Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lunaessence's Give Away !!!

Lunaessence Autumn Give Away !!!

Rules to enter : Read Directions Carefully . You must do all 5 to win.
When using FB to tag just hit @lunaessence. For twitter use #lunaessence.

1. ***Follow this Blog ( no brainier ) lol***

2. Bookmark this Blog so you can check back.

3. ***Heart an item from my Lunaessence Shop on Etsy.***

4. Find me on Face book or twitter and say Hello and that you have entered my Give Away.

Face book:


4. Then share an item from my Lunaessence Etsy shop. Either on twitter or facebook. Tag it or mention lunaessence on twitter. This will let me see it. Otherwise you WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED .

5. COME BACK TO THIS BLOG . Leave a comment on the item you promoted, where and a link.

Please keep in touch . The last time I had a Give Away the winner was no where to be found. So leave some info about yourself . I truly want to send a prize to you .

Last but not least please promote your handmade on my FB business page. :)

Dead line October 31, 2010

See Ya soon Diana


  1. So, let me get this want me to choose a favourite? that's impossible sweetie...I love them all..but I'll choose this bracelet, because I really do love these colors together.
    oh, and I tweeted your blog for you.

  2. That is great Babynest thanks :) , tweet an item also .

  3. Entered! I absolutely love your garnet feather pendant. BEAUTIFUL! Hope you are having an amazing day :)

    Great shop/blog

  4. Love Strings to My Heart Pendant...
    This is where I promoted your item.!/LilRed52
    My favorite of the favorite's on your Etsy shop....

  5. I deleted my first comment - I thought at first each was a separate entry, not part of one giant one. Perhaps you should add that before the 1st direction to clear up any confusion. I think I got all the steps now. I tweeted about your gorgeous Sapphire Swirls Vintage Brass Earrings. Please message me on twitter if I win!

  6. I guess I am not doing this correctly....Good luck to everyone's entry that goes through....This is what I have done: Followed Blog, Bookmarked, Hearted, Found/said Hello/Entered, Shared item on Facebook with Tag @Lunaessence, Left comment on Blog with Item promoted/where and link....Maybe my brain is not working...:-)

  7. I'll find it lilred520 :D dont worry . You did great .

  8. To promote on face book or twitter you can also use a link. Dont forget to comment on it first .

  9. ok, here we go, again! lol... next time I will know to sign in FIRST, just in case....
    I followed the blog! I bookmarked the blog!

    I hearted an item in your etsy shop (copperkittycreations)!
    I commented on your FB page, and shared an item from the shop on my Facebook wall!/profile.php?id=604148978 -- the Love in October Victorian Tourmaline Earrings might even edge out the Drama Serpentine Pendant, which has long been my VERY most favorite of all your creations. :)

    and I sort of promoted my handmade on your page -- I hope a half-ready website will count. :D

  10. Ginger YOU did a fantastic job of it !!! What effort !! You comments mean everything to me as a artist .

  11. promoted the evil eye pendant!! so gorgeous; hearted that item too and said hey on facebook as kate mcp (:
    following you blog too, of course!!

    katmckid at aol dot com

    hope i did this right, haha!

  12. katie I didnt see your post on my FB and I cannot find you post on or you on twitter :(

  13. Following, Shared the GiveAway and Love your Jewelry! Specially these:

  14. i thought i posted on your facebook wall, but maybe I didn't? I couldn't find it either...

    but I did tweet back on the 21st.. just found out how to link to the exact post haha

  15. Yup today is the day to pick a winner !! This was not an easy Giveaway there were several things you needed to do to win.

    If you are on twitter and facebook you see this going on everyday from online shops. We all do it to promote and I dont know if you all are sellers or not.

    These steps which was a challenge to most was a great way for you to see and learn what it is to have an online shop.

    I hope this helped you to learn besides win a gift lol :D .

    I will be back this evening to announce the winner.


  16. I have chosen a winner ! Congrats to all that have entered . It has been a pleasure meeting you all to those that I don't already know and too those I do I am happy to have you entered. AND I am sorry if this GiveAway hurt your head. LOL

    Happy Halloween ! Now I must contact the winner :)