Thursday, August 26, 2010

Earrings Galore !!!

Soon the seasons will change and many are in the process of going back to school. In just a few short weeks Labor Day will go by and the fall fashion season will be well on its way.

This is my very most favorite time of year ! I love the change of leaves and the slight feel of chill in the air. I wish that it could last forever.............. In anticipation of the new season I have created many new items . Here I will be showing you a few.


  1. Hi Luna! Beautiful earrings and lovely blog - I enjoy the fall too ~

  2. Hi Kippy :D I am so glad you liked my earrings and the fall. Diana

  3. Autumn is simply my fave time of year. I'm loving these long glorious danglers.

    Could I just say I find it horribly difficult to read red writing on a black background? I have to highlight it to see it which is really rather awkward...

  4. Hi Linda ,
    Thanks so much for loving my earrings designs . Again thanks for your insight on the color print. I thought it was only me that was having trouble with colors. LOL I will keep it in mind for my next post. Have a wonderful day !!