Friday, June 18, 2010

I need a Dress ! Show me what you got.

I need a dress for my son's wedding. I dont want to go to those Wedding Shops where it seems like it is mass produced. It is just not me. I would like to stay in a reasonable price range since I am only going to wear it once. Such a waste of money LOL. I need the dress to be a Teal or Aqua deep tones please. I am a winter. V neck is great , I am a busty woman and short so It should compliment my figure. No I am not looking slim these days ( we will talk about this when you contact me) . The length should be Tea length. In my mind's eye I see a kerchief style on the bottom (points) . Light weight materials with silver shot thru would be awesome. Do not show me models that are so thin I cannot relate.

I know your out there somewhere.

Contact me if you have any ideas.

please leave your info in the comments or convo my shop @


  1. Good luck with your search. I wish I had one to help you.

  2. I wish you did also . I would love an antique one. But I believe everyone was thinner then LOL..