Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Marriage is when two separate parties come together to form a unit that works ( we hope ) well together and then in turn benefit from it's union.

This concept is how I look at artists and businesses.

First a business has its services or products. They will try to sell that to you. They are experts at marketing. To them it is not personal but very straight forward . Do this and that. ( THERE ARE MANY NOW GIVING FREE HELP ) . They are already doing it and are very busy people.

Artists are coming from a different place . What is inside them is being expressed thru their art. It is a very personal experience and many are timid about public response to it. So they are very laid back about putting themselves forward. Because lets face it is a piece of themselves that they are selling.
For them the work is in the creating. Now they need to learn how to sell it.

Today we have the internet and we all are trying to keep up with it and sell our goods on it. There are experts out there teaching us daily how to do this. This is at times very overwhelming. Yes I work 24 hours a day.

Let's try to understand that we dont read each other's mind and that we all need to help one another.

We are always growing and working hard to make this marriage work.

Communicate :D , Have patience! Oh Yeah !
Peace and Love to all .
Love ya's Diana

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