Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Improve your Photos !!!

Lately I have seen an awful large amount of bad pics of items sellers are working so hard to sell .

I have my good days and bad days when taking photos. I always update them as time goes on.

One trick I will share is take your pics outdoors not in direct sunlight. Over cast days are the best time for taking pics !

Another point spend the time to take as many pics as possible , you never know when you are going to get the perfect one.

Try different settings on your camera , dont be afraid of it.

Play, Play, Play and have fun with your pics.

If it doesnt work you can always change it!!!!!!


  1. Thanks for thinking of us! I have been in the battle of the camera for days. So frustrating!
    I am trying to use a camera that is more advanced than my old one, but it's just not going well. Ugh! I have just gotten a table top tent and two new lights. Then I took a picture with my old camera, with NO lights, and it was better! Go figure...:o))

  2. Hang in there you 'll get the way you want to.