Monday, April 12, 2010

Hello Everyone !!!

I hope this finds you all well . As you noticed I wasnt online for 5 months . It was very difficult staying away from the internet but I did keep very , very busy . During my absence I created many different Handbags and Necklaces. Took gorgeous pics of the frozen river and creek. Had a fabulous Hawk come close to my home and stared me directly in the eye.

Hawks I found out after that, increase the energy around us. It was exactly what this household needed . Thank you to the hawk that now soars so high above me, but do me a favor and don't eat the little birds in my yard :0)


  1. LOL SOmetimes a break from online "stuff" is what we all need to rejuvenate!

    I am glad you're back!

  2. Hello everyone so nice to see you both. :0)