Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wow what happened to August LOL

Opps! I have fallen behind in my posts.
So sorry blog :(

It has been partly FB fault hee hee...... I have been working daily on FB and the Etsy forums.
Also linked twitter to my facebook business page and it is showing results.

Also I went and got a PT job, to add to my other jobs :O) , and I am continuing to still apply for other jobs. lol

So of course that sounds like it was all going in the right direction until a little bump in the road.
A blood infection in my toes that is very painful and has caused me to have a very high fever ( which I thought was the flu , possibly swine ) caused by some nasty dirty insect. Darn those pests. Of course they have their purpose but not on my toes LOL ugh ouch.

So now I am waiting for this very mean looking swelling to go down and start to heal so I can get back to all those jobs ...... my favorite one of course is making jewelry and handbags.

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