Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 12, 2009 Update

Well here we go it is fall already and it is raining here again in the Northeast. The leaving started changing early this year. School has begun. Quickly time passes on........................

I hope weather permitting I will beable to post some new wonderful fall time pics.

I have been listing as many new items as time allows me to. I hope you will go take a look at them .

If there is something you are not seeing that you need in the near future I am more than willing to take custom orders . Recently I just completed many of these and it was fun to create them. The feedback has been very supportive.


  1. Beautiful jewelry!

    Theleaf is my fave of these.

    Have a wonderful weekend and I hope the Sales Fairy stops by your shop!

  2. Love those,now following :)