Saturday, September 30, 2017

I am remiss ...
Oh blog forgive me as time rolled on without me realizing that life was spinning out of control here for many months.

In case your wondering is alive and well and now has a sister site on Amazon !! 

It all started last spring and I have been very busy trying to keep both shops stocked and ready for shoppers. 

Luna Essence Jewelry and Handbags on Amazon is now open and ready to go. 

With all the challenges of opening a new shop on a new site, life has been hectic filled with ups and down of life itself. 

My daughter's birthday and prom was smooth sailing, besides the tons of end of school concerts, college visits, driver's licence and many more steps of encroaching adulthood.  


Soon after that summer started with my pup of 8 years and 7 months passing away of cancer. We are blessed that she graced us with her life but is terribly missed and I really been having a difficult time without her. Our fur babies are the most special Angels. Thank you Onyx Star for loving me. xo

Then the blessing of a new precious baby granddaughter enters my life. I am So happy for my son and his future wife for she is a beautiful child with a great demeanor. This grandchild is blessed with a older brother whom I am proud to have in our family he is Awesome and a get kid all around. 

My family grows and grows as my eldest son is also giving us our first grandson in the next few weeks. As his beautiful daughter, our first grandchild started pre school this past month. 

"No pics as I respect the rights of the parents after all it is their children which they now raise."

It is hard as a grandmother I want to show them off lol. 

I am so blessed !!

So I created and created in between all this life that I live 

These are available on etsy 

Then last month my job location moved to a new location that wasn't quite completed ..... so I barely have work hours and my income has gone down to not much at all. 
On the bright side it has given me more time for my first love designing. This once again I find to be my work. 

I am sure you are not even aware that I haven't had a car in 3 years. So just getting to work is a shared experience that is also challenging. 

Well now I have updated you. 
Soon Luna Essence will be having Give Away as a Celebration of 9 years of Art expression that has helped keep me healthy in mind ,body and spirit. 

Wishing you all the best life has to offer to you now in love, light and happiness. 
Luna Essence

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