Saturday, March 30, 2019

Hello stranger .... Many News Items and Promotions to share with you ! 

Here is an oldie but popular design

This are a custom order for a gentleman looking for love
I hope she loves them Scarlet Begonias and Bells... for the Dead Head in all of us. 

Also back in stock are these boho chic Citrine wrap earrings

My reclaimed design makes this a unique Brooch for that shawl you wearing.

Love Yellow Roses ? I do feeling a spring bloom coming one !!

And of course my never ending love of the Earth

A tad bit Bohemian Tribal in the beloved Turquoise Howlite.

Triple A Brazilian Chalcedony with a ethic Chinese Lantern Pendant.

A bit of Bali Sun with Malachite in these Earrings

At long last I finalized the creation of Aether 5th Earth Element continuing the Series. This one shows the energy being summoned for Healing #Akaskic  #Shaman Healers #Energy #space #crystalhealing.

As you can see I am very versatile in my craft. I love to design and have no boundaries which can be good or bad. I love it all and am addicted to this art form. Assemblaged , Mixed Media, Jewelry designing, All of it .... and I sew lol. 

At this time in my Etsy shop you will get 20% off when you spend $30 & up. Free shipping for the USA will also apply. 

Thank you and Happy Spring 2019 Be blessed xo xo Diana 

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