Friday, July 22, 2011

Where have I been lately

Hi everyone ,
I realized today that I missed my blog and haven't posted in awhile.
Recently I was given a custom order that was a bit different to the Jewelry design that I normally would do. So off I went into my self taught mode and discovered a new love of seed beading.

It took my about a week to design and create this design . It was tedious and fustrating but I and the lucky customer are very happily satisfied with the results. 

At this moment I am working on my second custom order of these pieces to a new customer that saw the first one and ordered it in another color (red) .

So far it looks to be another beauty in the making !

In the meantime between these two new adventures and waiting on supplies . I did a little bit of reclaimed work . I took two gently used necklaces apart and recreated them into this new design.

I am again very pleased with the outcome of my designs .

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